PipeTech offers AM Liner II fold and form liner which can be used to reline mains pipes 150 – 300mm in diameter. Fold and Form PVC Liner is a completely trenchless form of restoration and is used to rehabilitate pipe sections between manholes. The liner is heated, pulled into the host pipe and reformed with steam and air. Service laterals are reinstated robotically with cutters and a camera. Although the diameter of the line is reduced by the thickness of the liner, the smooth seamless pipe has less friction loss which more than compensates for the diameter change.It is an environmentally friendly way to rehabilitate damaged pipes.

There are no hazardous chemicals to handle, no noxious odour and no hazardous materials to leak into the environment. Because AM-LINER II is manufactured in a factory and not on site, the physical properties of the liner are known before it leaves the factory, not weeks after the product has been installed. AM-LINER II is installed using trenchless technology, negating the need for costly and time consuming excavation. Once installed, AM-LINER II is a structural, seamless, chemically reisitant, PVC pipe formed tightly to the interior of the existing host pipe.


  • no styrene unlike polyester products
  • environmentally friendly
  • trenchless technology
  • fast installation
  • seamless interior
  • structural
  • resistant to gasses, chemicals, and corrosion
  • consistent high quality
due to pipe being manufactured in factory
  • qualified licensed installersSideLiner
  • non-shrink

PipeTech offer CPP Lining products which can be used to patch and reline various size pipes