Pipe Technologies Limited offer CIPP products which can be used to patch and reline various size pipes.


Is a cured in place air inverted lining system that uses steam to accelerate the curing of the epoxy resin.

The unique patented guiding tape used in the system enables the liner to pass through multiple bends or any other pipeline configuration that may be encountered.

The epoxy resin ensures the tight bond to the host pipe therefore eliminating any annulus that could allow future root penetration between the liner and the host pipe. Structural performance of the relined pipe is also improved substantially by effectively increasing the the pipe wall thickness.

We undertake lining of pipes with diameters ranging from as small as 50mm and upto 225mm.

As we are able to circumvent any combination of pipe bends, we are able to line from the gully trap to the main, thus ensuring a true no dig, no mess solution.


Comes in a box with all the materials that is needed for a simple 1m patch. As with other systems it has a unique patented tie on system that fastens the patch liner to the packer that prevents the lining fabric slipping off the packer as it is pushed and pulled into place.

A silicate resin is used in this system shortening the curing time to around 2 hours in ambient temperature.

This system can patch around U bends.


A felt patch that is reinforced with fibreglass and impregnated with an epoxy resin giving it the structural strength to withstand external pressures.

These patches are used in mains pipes and each one is individually designed by our engineers to ensure that it is suitable for its particular application.