Pipe Technologies Limited offers the Top Hat system which is a world leader in lateral joint repair. We are able to undertake up to 10 repairs per day within the same pipe.

The TOP Hat system is a method for localised repair of house service connections and main pipes.The repair is carried out using a remote controlled robot which enters the sewer system through a manhole. The TOP HAT system is the fastest repair method in the world.

Damage can be repaired from inside within 12 to 15 minutes. The curing time for the formed parts is only seven minutes, so it is unnecessary to divert the sewer. Top Hat glass fibre laminate offers five significant advantages for rehabilitation work.

  • It cures in only 7 minutes. This enables the repair to be immediately documented.
  • It is unnecessary to construct a bypass as the flow is only temporarily restricted.
  • It is self supporting and can replace the original pipe.
  • It has a 50 year life and a 50 year guarantee is provided.
  • Unlike other systems the inserts are seamless and significantly more durable.