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Managing Director

Rowan has over 20 years’ experience in the civil infrastructure and development industry. Is a qualified drilling fluids specialist; and has worked on stormwater/sewage projects for Councils and private sectors, which include the rehabilitation of mains and lateral sewer pipes. His experience in project management in the civil construction, and oil and gas sectors brings great benefit to the company being accomplished in direct construction, operations, and maintenance activities on project sites varying in size and complexity.

Operations Director

Maifea has been with the company for nine years and has vast experience from the ground up. Maifea has extensive experience and knowledge in CIPP lining, patching and AM Lining throughout New Zealand. Maifea has comprehensive training and expertise in the use and installation of AM Liner lining by In-Pipe Technology. His operating skills encourages free flow of information to present an inclusive relationship between staff and management.

Health & Safety

PipeTech strives to provide consistant quality and safety practices.


It is our business to deliver quality to customers. Continuous improvement is our mantra which leads to enhancement of our technology and materials for all our products and services.


From the office to the site, safety is a constant. We allocate significant resources to provide training in order to complete projects without incident. Continual improvement of our practices with a focus on safety is a company value.

AM-LINERII is an environmentally friendly method to rehabilitate damaged wastewater and stormwater pipelines. There are no hazardous chemicals to handle, no noxious odors and no hazardous materials released into the environment.

Because AM-LINER II ® is manufactured in a factory and not on site, the physical properties of the liner are known at the time of manufacture, not weeks after the product has been installed.

AM-LINER II ® is installed using trenchless technology, negating the need for costly and time-consuming excavation. Upon installation, AM-LINER II ® is a structural, seamless, and chemically resistant PVC pipe formed tightly to the interior of the existing host pipe.

This will be used for 150mm, 200mm, 225mm and 300mm pipes.  This is used generally on mains pipes from manhole to manhole, where access is reasonable.  This is a fold and form type of lining.  

The first system in the industry to offer a permanent lateral sealing in relined pipelines.

The TOP HAT system uses a Polyester impregnated corrosion resistant fiberglass insert. It can reach 8” into the lateral and creates a 3″ “brim” in the main pipe. The Epoxy component achieves superior sealing on wet surfaces. The equipment package has 5 applicators and are capable of covering 6 to 20″ main pipes and 4 and 6″ laterals.

The unique fiberglass insert fits T or Y connections. It is delivered impregnated and wrapped in protective black foil. Installation is easy! The laminate is placed on the applicator, driven to the opening and inserted by air pressure. UV light cured in a “flash” – 7 minutes!

Tophat Patching System is used for 150mm, 225mm and 300mm pipes.

A fiberglass reinforced matting impregnated with an epoxy resin giving it the structural strength to withstand external pressures and act as a standalone structure if required.Installing a patch to repair a damaged section of pipeline can be a cost effective solution for localised damage.

An inflatable packer is used for installation to move the patch to the damaged location in need of repair from the nearest manhole. Flow through packers can be used if installation is needed during live flows. This helps mitigate any need for bypass pumping or any associated risk of sewerage backing up during installation.

Used for 100mm to 600mm diameter pipes. 

This will be used for 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 225mm pipes.  This is used in lateral liners, mains pipes with significant bends and for very difficult access.  This is an epoxy sock type of lining.


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