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The services which can be undertaken independantly or as part of a larger project include the following

AM Liner II

The trenchless, manhole-to-manhole sewer pipeline rehabilitation system

  • AM-LINER II® is manufactured from a polyvinyl chloride compound specially formulated for pipeline rehabilitation.
  • AM-LINER II® is resistant to all normal sewer effluents due to the superior chemical and flame resistant properties of polyvinyl chloride.
  • AM-LINER II® is manufactured to SDR 32.5 and SDR 26 to line sewer pipe from 6-inch to 12-inch diameter.
  • AM-LINER II® conforms to ASTM Standards F-1867 and F-1871.

Cutting Protruding Laterals

USAGE: Lateral pipe connections to mains line are often not constructed very well and protrusions of up to 50mm are common place.


PipeTech has 2 systems that can be used depending on the requirements:

  • KRE Robotic cutter
  • Torpedo cutter which is a rotary cutting tool placed in a liner and is largely mechanical

Lateral Cutouts

USAGE: After lining or patching over a live lateral connection it is necessary to reinstate the lateral by cutting a hole through the liner or patch


PipeTech has 2 systems that can be used to reinstate lateral connections:

  • Robotic cutter
  • Electro-mechanical cutter with specialised heads

Drain Unblocking & Root Cutting

USAGE: Due to cracked pipes and joint failure often drains block as a result of root intrusion or protrusions  backing up solid material in the pipe.


Drain Unblocking
The methods by which Pipe Technologies Ltd unblock drains are: 

Root Cutting

The methods by which Pipe Technologies Ltd cuts roots are:

  • High pressure water blasting similar to that used for unblocking drains can usually cut through small fibrous root systems.
  • If the roots are substantial then Robotic Cutters or Torpedo cutters are used along with either the Electro-Mechanical machine or Water blaster.


CCTV Inspections

USAGE: In order to check our work we utilize a pushrod CCTV camera.

Engineering Consultant

USAGE: Our clients often require PipeTech expertise to help manage their network to best decide where to spend their budgets for best advantage.


  • CCTV inspections of mains and laterals
  • Flow monitoring and Modelling
  • Asset Management
  • Rehabilitation methodology recommendation
  • Project Management
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